How To Choose The Appropriate Label Size For Your Hotel Products?


A product label is like the graphical representation of a brand. It determines if more of your targeted customers will be choosing it or not. Just like the design of a label is essential to market the product efficiently, likewise, it is also necessary to choose an appropriate size for the product label. If you end up choosing a random label size for one of your specific products then it will end up in a disaster.

You do not need to stress about hiring a professional designer to design your label as you will easily be able to create the label or create a bumper sticker online by yourself. A specific size of product label will enable you to impress the audience even. The topic here is regarding the label size of hotel products. Let us now understand how to choose the correct label size for hotel products.


Label Size Guide


Correct Label Size For The Hotel Products:

Hospitality Management is something where room service is more important than customer service. How clean and organized the room and products look determines more profits. Free necessity products like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, tissue, etc will act as free marketing gifts and will have labels on them. Hotel products and accessories are different in shape and size and the label should be chosen according to that. Here are the tips on how to choose the appropriate label size for your hotel products.

1. Customize Label Information:

Think carefully about what you are going to include in the label because that is also going to determine the label size. Try to keep the logo size in the label a bit smaller according to product size. Never enlarge the logo in any product as there will not be any spaces left for other useful information. Always keep proper space for warnings and ingredients to add.

2. Product Packaging:

You cannot stick huge labels on a mini water bottle and cannot put a little information label on a huge container at the same time. The packaging size of the product also determines the size of the label. Although it is easier to guess the product label for packaging like the bottles, things like containers and packets will need some thinking before choosing the correct label size.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that round packaging like round-shaped bottles makes it more flexible to print out the proper product label. This is because the gaps will be almost filled from the edges and it will look neat to the eyes. Sticking labels in square-shaped packaging will give the product a more unique look as there will be lots of space for paneling and decoration.

Useful Label Sizing Tips:

  1. Takes notes of curves and ridges of the product.
  2. Always take an estimated height measurement of the packaging.
  3. Use a measuring tape to measure the label size and surface circumference of the product.
  4. Try measuring the dimension of each product for proper labeling.


Labeling a brand means promoting the brand before the audience, whether it is in a hotel or any business. Choosing the appropriate label size for a product might be a bit costly, but it will give the product a neat and professional vibe.