Ensuring Deck Safety at Waterfront Hotels

As summer comes to an end, thoughts begin to turn towards vacation. For many, a big part of that perfect getaway includes staying at a waterfront hotel with a stunning view. But what about the safety of those hotel decks? With hurricane season in full swing, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your hotel takes the necessary precautions to keep guests safe. Here are some tips on ensuring deck safety at waterfront hotels.

Waterfront hotels must take extra care

Waterfront hotels are known for their picturesque views, but they can also present certain additional risks that traditional landlocked establishments need to face. To mitigate these risks and keep guests safe, waterfront hotels must take extra precautions, such as investing in regular deck repair Orono MN to ensure boardwalks and decks are safe for use and check for debris or other potential hazards regularly.

Hotels should also ensure that staff is trained on how to handle any water-related emergency or accidents that may occur. Waterfront hotels can provide a calming escape for their guests by taking these safety measures despite the potential dangers of a beachside stay.

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Decking materials and construction methods

Decking is an important feature for outdoor spaces because it serves a unique function, creates aesthetic appeal, and increases the quality of life for homeowners. Decking materials and construction methods must be up to code and have the ability to endure seasonal changes and adverse weather conditions. If not, the structural integrity of your deck may be compromised and render it safe and usable.

Professional builders are highly aware of the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure decks are installed correctly while conforming to local building codes. Whether you want to create a pool deck, backyard oasis, or rooftop escape, make sure you choose experienced professionals who will build your dream safely and efficiently.

The deck should be regularly inspected

The deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s essential to inspect it regularly. If small problems are not taken care of immediately, they can quickly become more significant problems. Common deck issues include rotting or rotting wood, loose hardware, splintering boards and cracked handrails. Worn-out decks should be treated with weather-resistant sealers or paints for best results; otherwise, water damage may occur. Taking just a few moments to check the deck each season can save time and money by preventing the need for larger repairs.

Guests should be informed of the risks

Ensuring the safety of people using a swimming pool or other bodies of water is paramount, and providing guests with adequate information about the risks associated with doing so is essential. Any facility hosting guests by a body of water should make it clear that lifeguards are always on duty, as it allows them to respond quickly in the case of an emergency and provide help if needed.

Even before these standards are outlined to guests, the staff should provide frequent checks to the area around the pool deck to ensure that all safety rules are followed correctly; this strict supervision can prevent dangerous situations from occurring in the first place.

Case of an emergency

In an emergency, it is important to have a safe evacuation plan to evacuate guests from the deck. Everyone should be aware of their role in executing the evacuation and practice drills regularly. Knowing the deck’s layout, location and number of exits, stair rails and other safety features should be highlighted during training.

A well-planned evacuation is essential to minimizing injuries and ensuring efficient use of time, as every second counts when responding to an emergency. It can also make a difference between life or death for those on board. Establishing and reviewing relevant laws, regulations and guidelines governing deck evacuations will also help guests stay safe if they ever find themselves in such an unfortunate situation.


Waterfront hotels are responsible to their guests to ensure their decks are safe. This means using suitable materials and construction methods, regularly inspecting the deck, and informing guests of the risks involved in using it. In case of an emergency, there should also be a plan in place to evacuate guests from the deck safely. Waterfront hotels can help prevent accidents and injuries on their decks by taking these precautions.

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